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18 February 2010 @ 08:52 pm
Because I don't care! And it's not worth my time to care!
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Okay, I have to get on my soap box for a moment. 

*coughs and clears throat, taps microphone'  "Anyone listening?"

I keep getting emails from a friend who I never talk to.  Seriously, she moved down south and I didn't even know it until she posted pictures of her new house.  Hello!  The emails I get from her are usually something Christian like, or something to do on Obama.  The Christian ones are always those ones that say "God will look down on you and help you with your financial problems if you send this to 10 people in 60 seconds.  Have faith!"  I always delete them.  Maybe I should start passing those on and see if I become rich, or something.  

The Obama emails are the ones that are knocking him down, talking about how bad he is, or something he did wrong.  This last one had something to do about his visit in Montana.  Um, I need to watch the news or read the papers more often.  I didn't even know he went for a visit, haha.  It talked about how instead of using a gym, or football stadium or something like that, he used a secluded hanger, brought in all types of stuff that was costing bookoos of money.  It goes on how he is spending all this money while we are in a recession.  I sit back and I'm thinking, "Okay, so he went over-board.  But, you know, the secluded hanger was probably for a reason.  He knows you stupid Montana people don't like him and are against him, so instead of putting himself in a gym or a stadium that had seating, he and his advisers decided to control the situation so that he had a much safer visit, plus if things went bad, the plane was right there!"  Heh!  You know, I don't care how much Obama is spending doing his thing he is suppose to be doing.  At least he's doing something instead of going to little fancy parties and hiding from all you lame asses.  

I voted for Obama!  Fuck yeah, I did!  I voted for change and of course some of my family and friends hate that, but you can kiss my skinny white ass!  That's right, I said that.  I'll even bend over for you! 

What really irritates me, is that people will send those stupid mass emails about how God can solve your problems if you just have a little faith and send it to a million people.  Have faith in a being that we can not see, hear or touch.  No, I am not anti-god or anything like that, I just think that the ones who do this and are big on faith and believing are hypocrites.  God, asks that you have faith in him, and in everything he does.  Everything on this Earth is a creation of Him, so that means our President Obama is a creation of Him.  To be a true believer of faith, you have to believe that everything that happens, there is a reason.  Obama made office, (I still think it's a good idea so far) and he made office for a reason.  You all prayed for change, and here he is.  We went from a history of all white presidents to a black president, which is change you can see.  A president that is about change, and for the people.  Yet, you dumb-asses can't seem to figure it out. 

I know I'm probably not making much sense.

What I'm trying to say is, have faith!  God asks you to have faith all the time, but it doesn't seem like anyone can.  Change doesn' t happen over night, it will take years to clean up the mess that future presidents and ourselves have put us in, and Obama is only the beginning.  That is if he carries through, and I have faith that he will do just that.  He tries, and he fights against all you non-believers, and eventually you will be saying "Oh, I never said he was a bad president, I knew he would do good..."  Meh!  I'm not saying that you should treat Obama like a God, dear lord no!  I'm saying that you should treat him like your God asks you to treat people.  Forgiveness, generosity, love, kindness, faith, ect.  How can we forgive a president who had an affair in the oval office, and re-elect him, but we can't give a black president a chance?  That is what this is about, right?  Because he's black?  Get the fuck over yourselves! 
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